Monday, August 17, 2009

Daddy's home

Wow. It took me three days to break my own password. I know I suck at this whole update thing. Luckily there are only about 2 people who read this.

Tom just came home from his two week drill. Yeah! There is great rejoicing. The girls barely registered his return. This is from two weeks of crying that he wasn't there. It took them about a half hour to go "Wait a minute. That is our daddy!". Then there was happy tickling all around.
I really missed him. I still can't find my camera or I would have had a picture of him and the girls to put on this blog. The phone company took my ability to email pictures to myself away. They suck.

I have off for the next week. My goal is to repaint the girls room, but first I have to get ready for Gwen's birthday celebration. Wow. She is going to be 4. My little girl is no longer a toddler but a full grown child. Sigh. I keep telling her to stop aging but she insists on getting bigger, stronger and more knowledgeable. She is so smart.

When daddy came home he brought these pillow friends that are just amazing. I highly suggest you go to
They are just adorable. They are stuffed animals that you can unfold into pillows or fold back up into the animal. They are made to last. Even the velcro has a little flap to keep it from getting dirty. And I never felt such a soft animal. Gwen got the elephant and Heidi got the bunny. These things are huge. They are not overly expensive and are made correctly for little child play.

Heidi can now sing all the letters of the alphabet. The first five are even in the correct order.

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