Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rocket's Toothbrush.

Today we were watching Little Einsteins and Daddy pointed out that it was silly that Rocket has a toothbrush since he doesn't have teeth. Gwen replied, "That's silly." than she thought for a moment and said, "It's to get the bugs off". What a smart girl we have!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Science and Headcolds

We went to the Science Center yesterday. I was thinking, "Let's go now before school lets out and this place is overrun with kids during the summer." Yeah. Great idea. There were four schools visiting that day. The only good news is the high number of adults as well. The last time I was there during a school outing my poor kids were overrun. This time, it seems that rules have changed and there have to be enough adults to control the groups. I actually enjoyed myself. Yes, my kids still got pushed around a bit but they weren't trampled and no one talked rudely to them. My girls need to learn to deal with others anyway, I just prefer that they learn to deal with rude people slowly due to lack of exposure.
Everyone at work is sick. I did a 12 hour shift a few days ago because my replacement had the flu. I only have a bad headcold so I offered to stay and let the other manager enjoy her day off. Now I still have to write the schedules for the next month. I work from 1-8 today and most of tomorrow. Trying to get a Saturday off for Heidi's upcoming 2nd birthday was like pulling teeth. I'm not going to be sure that I get the day off until the day of.

Monday, March 9, 2009

What, I work tomorrow?

I open tomorrow. I forgot this little fact until my manager called me and reminded me tonight. Wow, she is so intuitive. I wish I had half her intuition. I will learn.
My girls were put to bed 45 minutes ago. They are still chatting. I am pretty sure my youngest is out of her bed. I am tired of putting her back. I have tried countless times to use the "supernanny" technique of putting her back without talking as many times as needed. I found it is just best to let her collapes wherever she ends up. The only problem is that she does not understand daylight savings time and thinks she was put to bed early. She is in for a big shock when I wake her up early to get to the babysitters on time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

rain rain go away... wait, I need you to water the grass first.

It is my day off so of course it is raining. At least I got a few hours in my flower garden two days ago. I say flower garden but I was turning it back into grass. I know me and don't want to bother with it this year.
I may have lost my temper a few minutes ago. It's a bit hazy but my girls are giving me a wide berth and the living rooms been picked up. (just kidding. yes, I need to stop yelling but it would also be nice if they would clean during the first fifteen times I ask them to help me). Honestly, after cleaning up after customers all week you would think I would be used to this type of mess. Actually, my little girls are much cleaner.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Worked hard today. Kids are full of energy. I keep trying to get it to rub off on me but it doesn't work. I am thinking of switching from hugs to nose rubbing. We'll see if that works.