Saturday, June 20, 2009

threat level orange

I managed to get zero people to sign up for credit cards yesterday. That made me very desperate to get some sign ups today. After I got two I downgraded myself from desperate to just needy. After my third, I downgraded myself from need to just greedy. Yeah, no meeting tomorrow to discuss why we couldn't get people to sign up for credits!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Corporate is nuts.

Crappy night in the retail world. They took away most of the coupon offerings to entice customers to apply for a credit card. Now we can only offer a 30% off one item coupon if they are approved. There is also a sale where most of the store is only $10. It goes like this: Can I offer you a credit card? It will save you a whole $3 if you are approved. Who in their right mind is going to agree to that? We are still supposed to haIve a certain percentage of CC attempts to transactions. Yeah, not happening. We have to meet on Sun morning every week we don't make it. I don't plan on meeting but I think it just might happen.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

blog....what blog...

Wow. I am really really bad at this blogging thing. My husband just pointed out that it has been two months since I left a post. Sorry about that. Since then I have watched my girls until I giggled with happiness, had my downstairs bathroom demolished and partually rebuilt, lost my mind a work a few times and been pretty much a normal women of the new century.

The big tragedy is that my coworker lost her baby a couple of nights ago. She was three months along. That has been taking up much of my thoughts. I am just so lucky. I really wished that God had allowed her to experience the joy that I experience on a daily basis. I don't know why he didn't. I am sad.

On a completly different note, we had a major storm just pass through and business was very slow. This was good because I worked a twelve hour shift and those can be killer when it's too busy.